LA style

JTyler Hollingsworth @TylerRosshollingworth




この羽織は着心地よく、とても多様性があり、’effortlessly chic’ 着るだけで chicになる。ドレスアップにもカジュアルにも着れる。柔らかくて軽く、シンプルだから自分のすでに持っている服と合わせやすい。

I am a freelance creative and design consultant based in Los Angeles. During this quarantine, I've been taking advantage of my free time by brushing up on my knowledge of art history, photography, and fashion. I just moved to Silver Lake and have been taking long walks around the neighborhood which have been inspiring and peaceful.

I love how effortlessly chic, comfortable, and versatile this kimono is. It's super easy to dress up or down. It's also extremely soft and comfortable and pairs well with a lot of existing pieces in my wardrobe.