Obi Master - Genbei Yamaguchi -
“I’m making the Obi as an offering for the gods, not for people.”
The tenth generation Obi/Textile master and CEO of the Kondaya Genbei Inc. “Genbei” is an inheritance name to each master within the family. The current Master Genbei is known from his innovative style and passionate spirit which constantly expands the boundary of tradition, which is highly valued world wide by museums and art collectors.
帯匠 - 山口源兵衛 -
Kondaya Genbei Inc. For over ten generations, we have been creating exquisitely crafted obi/textile using the intricate technique. We produce and sell obi/textile in Kyoto, Japan, since 1738, for more than 280 years.
- 誉田屋源兵衛 - 280年余り、室町・京都、 呉服文化の中心地で 帯を製造し販売する帯屋